Odis Jones, Sr.

Founder & CEO

Odis Jones has 20 plus years of Executive experience in both the Private and Public Sector arena. He has successfully executed on more than $2B of transactions during his career and led complex real-estate ventures and is nationally viewed as a leading expert in growing local economies as well as the public financing of special districts. Jones is currently the President/CEO of Cobblestone Development & Consulting where he leads a team of sophisticated entrepreneurs & investors in the delivery of developed land needed to meet the Texas market demand(s) for the top 10 home builders in the United States as well as the financing of public infrastructure for large and complex mix-use real-estate transactions.

Jones has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Bachelors of Science Degree and Executive Training at Harvard University. He recently was honored by the Southern Poverty Law Center for his contribution in fighting inequality.

Additionally, he was awarded the “Michigan Chronicles Man of Excellence Award" and was a past receipt of the “Public Sector Developer of the Year” by the Mid-Ohio Development Exchange.

Jones is a father of five and an advent outdoorsman where he enjoys fishing and boating the Great Lakes.

(823) 532-7823


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